Band Assessments

Band Assessments will be posted in the misc. ledger detail until the full amount has been collected.

It will then be moved to Fixed Payment Detail once all of the assessment has been collected.

Assessments can be paid on the charms website (https://www.charmsoffice.com) . When entering the amount you would like to pay, enter it as a misc. fee. It will stay in the misc. ledger detail until the total Band Assessment has been collected then it will be moved to the Fixed Payment Detail.

Trip payments

Your trip payment will be located under Trip Ledger Detail.

Fees can be paid on the charms website. 



Fundraising /Credits  

The fund raising amount will be located in the Fundraising Detail.  This will be the monies collected from your customers.

Fund raising Credits will be listed in the Totals Detail


Misc. Ledger Detail

Payments will be located here till they are moved to the correct detail. You will also have items purchased for band at school in this section.


Linking Charms Calendar with phone calendar

Log into Charms.  Select the Calendar icon and the sync button. There will be directions on how to sync your phone with the Charms calendar.


Please contact the Band Director if you have any questions about the funds listed in your students account.