As a chaperone you can assist students and band directors in many different areas.  The areas include field trips, performances, uniforms, and other areas as needed. There will be band boosters in charge of the different areas of need and you can sign up by contacting them or the band directors.

When volunteering you will need to check in with the band booster that  is in charge of area.


Before game day you will need to get a concession parking pass from the band director (if you do not have a parking pass you will have to pay for parking). Each parking pass has a number assigned. Parking is located in the practice field behind the school. You will need to bring the parking pass with you and turn it in and check in.

On game day you will be given a call time. You will bring your parking pass and check in at the concession stand located at the main entrance of the stadium. You will have to sign in and turn in your parking pass.  Once you have checked in you will be directed to which stand you will be working (there are 2). In the concession stand you will then be given an area to work in.